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Creative united Co (CUC-chem) is Saudi Arabia’s leading industrial chemicals importers, stockiest and distributor serving the entire manufacturing and maintenance spectrum.

It all began way back in 2001, the year CUC-chem emerged as a chemical supplies and manufacturer of specialty chemicals Riyadh based Creative United Chemicals are owned by Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rakan Bin Hethlin, leading Saudi businessmen from the Riyadh Province of Saudi Arabia.

The company having its branch offices in Dammam and Alkhobar has most modern distribution channel of various industrial and specialty chemicals from its numerous specialized warehouses located in all the major cities of Saudi Arabia. CUC-chem stocks and distributes more than 300 different types of industrial chemicals of technical, food and pharma grades in addition to about 100 different specialty chemicals for a variety of industrial applications.

The CUC-chem Company “Where client is treated as a friend” slogan is truly justified by its employees polite and friendly behavior and ever ready to help out attitude towards their clients have been remarkably preserved over the years. The company runs two other supporting divisions simultaneously besides the main chemical division. The specialized Chemical Transport Division with fully equipped fleet of bulk tankers for Acid and Alkali deliveries, and other blending chemicals formulated at high quality to serve CUC-chem clients, relating to the success of its operation and activity, under the management headed by Mr. Muhammad Bin Rakan Bin Hethlin, the General Manager emphasizes the customer-focused approach, the flexible attitude, quality products, timely deliveries and after sales service as the key factors.

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CUC-chem was established in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Mr. Mohammed Bin Rakan Bin Hethlin, a Businessman, in 2001 as a member & new branch of Creative united Co group. The company has grown to become an important manufacturer of plant protection chemicals, chemical intermediates, flotation chemicals, specialty chemicals, water treatment chemicals, blending chemicals and others

In 2012 Creative united group moved our manufacturing plant to its present Riyadh location on the Saudi Arabia. Because elemental phosphorus and sulphur raw materials are delivered directly to the plant, CUC-chem’s manufacturing is completely vertically integrated and provides CUC-chem considerable infrastructural advantages, which have been an important factor in creative United’s growth. Additionally, the location enhances our ability to effectively manage our costs, final product quality and responsiveness to our customers.

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Many important chemical discoveries were made during the latter half of the 19th century; one of the most important for our industry was the 1860 discovery that minerals have different water wettability characteristics and, subsequently, that minerals can be made hydrophobic by chemical means. Commercial application of this discovery did not occur until 1906, when the froth flotation process was patented and subsequently became the focus of significant litigation that often befalls great ideas.

“Oil flotation” became the cornerstone of mineral flotation, as we know it today, with the actual process of froth flotation under continuous development over the next century. With declining availability of the rich, easy to process ore bodies by using hand sorting, sizing and gravity circuits, development and adoption of flotation has allowed the mining industry to supply great amounts of valuable metals and metals required by industry and our societies. As a mineral beneficiation unit operation, flotation has become without a doubt the most important means for recovering and upgrading ore values.

Rapid transformation

Rapid transformation and development of flotation technology occurred when researchers studied particle surface chemistries. Understanding particle-water interfacial chemistries, mineral hydrophobicity and ways to effectively modify the particle surfaces lead to significantly increased mineral recoveries and separations for an increasingly broad range of mineral systems. Chemical collectors began supplanting flotation oils in the 1920’s when enhanced sulphide mineral capabilities of thiocarbanilid and xanthates were identified.

The discovery that organic dithiophosphates and xanthates are very effective sulphide mineral collectors was a landmark development, making recovery of metals from low grade and complex ores efficient and effective. Continued reagent development efforts resulted in commercial use of other collectors including thionocarbamates, thiocarbamate, mercaptobenzothiazole, thiophosphate and xanthogen formate chemistries further advanced flotation technological capabilities to meet the beneficiation challenges of leaner, more complex ores.

Flotation has become a very selective and highly cost efficient process and has become a universally used means for concentrating all types of ores. For sulphide ores, flotation is particularly important. The drive to improve mineral flotation technology continues today with better technical understanding and application of new flotation reagent chemistries, equipment and control strategies.

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